Let's listen to some new music. And fight...sexily.


Well, as you can see, I did make it to the show last night. Check out further down the page for more photos and a short video!

The Let's Sexy Fighting team got to Popscene early last night, around 7pm. Probably within the first 30 people in line. It ended up wrapping around the corner by 8pm...Popscene is a small space, and it reached capacity quickly after the door were opened. Ended up having a few drinks and sitting through the opening DJs until the main event.

Lily and the band came on a little after 10:30. The place was full of enthusiastic fans, to which she chirped, "Looks like a lot of you have been downloading the cd!"

She was spot on, she sounded great and so did the brass. Unfortunately, she had a sore throat and was forced to cut the set short. I know her sets this tour have been about 40 min (simply cause she only has one cd) but we all wanted more!

We tried to track her down for a photo after the show, but didn't play the waiting game long enough. All in all, excellent concert, lots of energy, but unfortuantely short set. Hopefully (or hopefully not) we can see her in a small venue like this again. Enjoy the video clip...Lily, come back!

UPDATE: Added a video of Lily's performance of LDN.

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  1. # Blogger Blake Engel

    Whee, brass!  

  2. # Blogger Let's Sexy Fighting

    do you have some special affinity towards brass?  

  3. # Anonymous nhé

    lily Allen > Kate Nash > Amy Winehouse  

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