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Sorry I'm a little late to the table with this one...but if you're like me, a lot of times you will see a band name over and over and again and gloss over it without investigating further. However, that one fateful day comes where you say, what the hell, let's check these guys out, and you end up loving them. Most recently, this happened with Figurines for me. They are a danish take on pacific northwest indie pop/rock. Listening to them, it's hard not to draw comparisions to Built To Spill or Modest Mouse. It's tight, fast, and melodic. A few off kilter chord progressions, but that's all part of the fun!

They are coming to the Rickshaw Stop in SF on Oct. 28 with another one of my new favorite bands, The Morning Benders...

Figurines - The Wonder
Figurines - Debate Because It's Over

Figurines official site
Figurines on MySpace

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  1. # Blogger Blake Engel

    I'll be there, oi oi.  

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