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Apostle of Hustle is the side project of Andrew Whiteman (lead guitarist for Broken Social Scene). You like Broken Social Scene? You and me dance? Erm, if you like BSS, you're already along for the ride. Low key indie rock meets Spanish classical flourishes. Not so much on this song down here, but if you pick up National Anthem of Nowhere (drops March 6th) or visit their myspace, you'll catch a whiff.

For some extra fun, they are sponsoring a remix contest! Shoot over to this site to download individual mixdown tracks for "My Sword Hand's Anger" to cut and splice as you please. Winners get some pro audio equipment, tickets to see Apostle of Hustle on tour, and 15 seconds of internet fame when it hits the blogosphere.

Apostle Of Hustle - My Sword Hand's Anger

Apostle Of Hustle official site
Apostle Of Hustle on MySpace

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