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Hey guys, sorry I missed yesterday, been pretty hectic around here. But I did go to a random local show on Saturday night was was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. 3 pretty good bands, but today I'm going to focus on The Morning Benders. Think equal parts elvis costello, spoon, and pavement...it's got a 60's pop/rock vibe, and it is damn catchy. I actually bought their EP on the spot, but I accidentally left it at Taqueria Cancun in SF afterward. But I like what i heard of them enough to order it online again right now! The good news is that they are back at the Rickshaw Stop on Oct 12 Oct 28 with Figurines!

The Morning Benders - Grain Of Salt
The Morning Benders - Heavy Hearts

The Morning Benders official site
The Morning Benders on MySpace

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    that rickshaw show is actually october 28, great band though!  

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