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OK, stop the presses. You gotta listen to Annuals! As the 'fork described them, they are a blend of Animal Collective, Broken Social Scene, and Arcade Fire. Think about the things you like best about those bands and mash them together in a mixing bowl. Serve hot and you've got Annuals! I am very excited for this album when it drops in mid-October...unfortunately it doesn't seem like they have any plans to come out west, but we'll see if that changes once the album drops. Give "Brother" a listen and I think you'll agree. (It's a build song...)

Annuals - Brother
Annuals - Bleary Eyed
Annuals - Dry Clothes

Annuals official site
Annuals on MySpace

3 Responses to “ANNUALS”

  1. # Blogger Angel Feathers Tickle Me

    Love to all......  

  2. # Anonymous Branden

    I really like this blog. Please keep it going.  

  3. # Blogger Let's Sexy Fighting

    thanks branden, don't worry, I've only just started!  

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