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Long before Spoon gained the undivided attention of the indie rock world, they were a scrappy post-punk band living in the shadow of the Pixies. After a disastrous flirtation with major label Elektra (A Series Of Sneaks), they took some time out and developed a new sound on Girls Can Tell. They took a "Kid A" type step on Kill The Moonlight and haven't looked back since!

As a long time Spoon fan, I am proud to unearth a couple of B-sides from their early Matador and Elektra days. "I Could Be Underground" retains the weirdness of their early works but hints at their future sound, and "Telamon Bridge" is a scrappy Pixies-esque number ripe for revisiting.

Spoon - I Could Be Underground
Spoon - Telamon Bridge

Spoon official site
Spoon on MySpace

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