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Oxford Collapse is a 3 piece from Brooklyn, NY. They're on Sub Pop, the indie rock powerhouse label. Listen to Oxford Collpase and you'll hear jangly indie rock guitars with a touch of dance punk, also taking hints from the Feelies and the Clean. I caught these guys live at the Khyber in Philly a couple years ago before they got big. High energy live show. They're going to be at Hotel Utah in SF on October 21 - let's try to hit that one up!

Oxford Collapse - Proofreading
Oxford Collapse - The Boys Go Home
Oxford Collapse - Last American Virgin

Oxford Collapse official site
Oxford Collapse on MySpace

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    I'd like to point out that Oxford Collapse USED to be awesome, and somehow, lately, began to blow. Perhaps it depends on where your tastes lie, but their older stuff (older in goldfish years) was much less not bad.  

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