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So yeah, it looks like remixes are all the rage right now. I like 'em. It's always interesting to hear other people's takes on an artist's music. MSTRKRFT's ripping up the electro-house remixes, Patrick Wolf doing ... his wolf violin thing, and Ratatat rockifying the rap songs. Got a great Bjork remix down here too by JC Lemay, slapping her vocals over some ominous electronics. Bjork's instrumentation is usually weird, which is part of her appeal, but if you slap her voice on top of some more standard fare, she still sounds pretty awesome! And yes, that was the first image that came up when I searched google for "remix".

Annie - Helpless Fool For Love (Patrick Wolf Remix)
Bjork - Pagan Poetry (JC Lemay Remix)
Missy Elliot - Hot (Ratatat Remix)

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