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When I was in London a couple weeks ago, one of the favorite places I visited was the Shoreditch area of town. Hipster central. Yip. Anyway, Johnny Foreigner recently played to a packed house there and will continue to shock and aww around the UK in the next few months opening for Meneguar and the latest DFA signee, Prinzhorn Dance School. Have a listen to "Our Bi-Polar Friends" and you'll find delightful boy/girl vocal interplay coupled with big beats and spastic guitars. Mandatory blogger comparison: The Plastic Constellations with less hardcore influences and more pop sensibilities?

Johnny Foreigner - Our Bi-Polar Friends

Johnny Foreigner on MySpace

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3 Responses to “JOHNNY FOREIGNER”

  1. # Blogger Baker

    I like her voice alot on this song. sounds like if Bloc party were on valium a very good thing.  

  2. # Blogger Let's Sexy Fighting

    yeah, I argee!  

  3. # Anonymous chloe

    That fotos immense. looks like they give loads of energy, ill give them a listen

    chloe xx  

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