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Melbourne, Australia's Cut Copy is back! After last year's (in the US) breakout album, Bright Like Neon Love, they're back to whet our appetites with new single "Hearts On Fire". Those unfamiliar with the group will get a quick primer: indie dance with influences like Fleetwood Mac, New Order, and ELO.

"Hearts On Fire" is a phenomenal track. Moody, sexy, and oozing with cool, it's instantly familiar but with character of its own. When's the album dropping, boys?

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire
Cut Copy - Time Stands Still

Cut Copy official site
Cut Copy on MySpace

In other news, I'll be AWOL on international travel for the next week, so there might be slightly less updates. I'll keep you appraised of whether this needs to be elevated to code Orange.

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4 Responses to “CUT COPY”

  1. # Blogger melissa robot

    Mmmm... ELO. I hadn't thought about them as influential to Cut Copy before, but I can hear it now. pretty awesome.  

  2. # Blogger Dreamwave

    Yer, these guys are briliant.  

  3. # Anonymous macca

    I love the cutters! Go Melbourne. Also like this new group called Tiptronik from Sydney  

  4. # Anonymous gilliegirl

    Cannot wait to see these guys LIVE. Hope so, as soon as they come back home to beautiful Melbourne!!  

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