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The Modey Lemon is a 3 piece from Pittsburgh. Their sound can be classified as "neo-garage" or art-punk. They've been steadily growing their fanbase since 2001 with relentless touring and releases on Mute and Birdman. Singer/guitarist/moogist Phil Boyd sometimes does all 3 at once, with Jason Kirker fleshing out additional instrumentation and Paul Quattrone providing brutal drumming foundations.

On their latest outing, The Curious City, they've delved into more psychedelia, like something Pink Floyd would have sounded like if Syd Barrett kept all his marbles.

Enjoy the tracks below from their previous release, Thunder + Lightning. "Crows" is a propulsive garage rock ditty!

The Modey Lemon - Crows
The Modey Lemon - Predator

The Modey Lemon official site
The Modey Lemon on MySpace

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