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Professor Murder hails from NYC. They play ambitious art dance rock. Listen to a track like "Free Stress Test" and you'll hear a depth unheralded by my general description. Fun polyrhythms, squiggly synths, and memorable vocals make for a good time. Their live show frequently consists of multiple percussionists and multiple synths. "Champion" reveals more of a Liars-ish side with call and response vocals, jerky beats, and punky bass lines. These guys got rhythm, that's for sure. If you like Klaxons or Liars, check these guys out.

Professor Murder - Free Stress Test
Professor Murder - Champion

Professor Murder official site
Professor Murder on MySpace

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  1. # Blogger Blake Engel

    These guys sound great. Time to put the effin fun back into the rock music. Come to town, Professor Murder.  

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