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It's Friday, everyone! Let's be joyous. Today I'd like to highlight Alaska In Winter, who released their debut album, Dance Party In The Balkans this week. Brandon Bethancourt heads up this project, dipping into Eastern European and Arabian music...only with a slight electronic bent! Did I also mention Zach Condon contributes trumpet, ukulele, and vocals on some tracks? Like the one below?

Alaska In Winter - Close Your Eyes - We Are Blind

Alaska In Winter on MySpace
Alaska In Winter label site

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8 Responses to “ALASKA IN WINTER”

  1. # Blogger jadedconformist

    Thanks. Found you on Hypem. Love the track  

  2. # Blogger Alex

    Alaska in Winter are a terrific band. Thank you for the terrific work you do with this blog, you never steer me wrong!  

  3. # Blogger Let's Sexy Fighting

    Thanks guys! Glad I could oblige.  

  4. # Anonymous sam drade

    i'm curious! o.O  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    this is my new favorite band!! when can i see them?!!!  

  6. # Blogger apple
  7. # Blogger 方大同Jason
  8. # Anonymous online generic viagra

    Alaska is biggest state in the world..I really wish to visit in winter..Thanks a lot for sharing..  

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