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HELLO 2008!

Ok, the holidays are over, time to put the car back in gear and run over anyone that gets in the way...that being said, I'd like to start off the new year with The New Year! The project is essentially a continuation of Bedhead, er, what they would have sounded like if they hadn't broken up. They've been around for a while, writing slowly and touring occasionally.

You might recognize "The End's Not Near" as a song that Band of Horses covered.

The New Year - The End's Not Near
The New Year - Chinese Handcuffs

The New Year official site
The New Year on MySpace

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2 Responses to “HELLO 2008!”

  1. # Blogger The Constant Skeptic

    interesting version of that song, thanks  

  2. # Blogger Cody

    Just found a copy of The New Year's 1st LP sealed for 6 bucks. Damn Happy!  

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