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Well, seems like Dan Bejar has embarked on another ambitious project - Hello, Blue Roses finds him combining songwriting efforts with his romantic partner, Sydney Vermont. Wait, didn't I do this story earlier this year? When it was Dan Boecker starting Handsome Furs with his girlfriend Alexei Perry? Must have caught it through Spencer Krug...

In short, "Shadow Falls" is quite romantic. Vote Chris Christmas Rodriguez to replace Santa this year!

Hello, Blue Roses - Shadow Falls
Destroyer - European Oils

Hello, Blue Roses on MySpace
Destroyer on MySpace

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  1. # Blogger Scout

    Hey, do you have more of this? Or, actually do you still have the Crane Wife B-Sides? I'd love to get those. I don't know if you're interested in trading, but i have something like 15,000 songs at my disposal, so...Anyway, yeah, thank you!  

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