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Throwing a Halloween party or just looking to get in the mood? Check out this new wave/electro Halloween mix done by Billion Dollar DJs...


Billion Dollar Djs - Nite of the Disco Dead Mix
Chuckii Booker feat John 'Crypt Keeper' Kassir - The Crypt Jam

Goblin - Tenebre (Main Title)

John Carpenter - The End (Disco Version)
Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween

SSQ - Tonight (We'll Make Love Until We Die)

The Bollock Brothers - Horror Movies
Arch Oboler - Drop Dead Interlude

Mark Ayres - Nightmare On Elm Street Theme

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching

Marketts - Out Of Limits

Hashim - Al Naafyish (The Soul)
Pulsailama - Devil Lives In My Husbands Body

Honeymoon Killers - Wait And See

Flirts - Teenage Werewolf

Metronomy - Trick Or Treats
The Immortals - Ultimate Warlord (Remix)
The J Geils Band - Fright Night

Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps

Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened

France Gall - Frankenstein

Billion Dollar DJs Halloween Mix

Billion Dollar DJs on MySpace

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2 Responses to “BILLION DOLLAR DJS”

  1. # Blogger keem

    this mix cant be any better
    im loving it
    where are these guys from?  

  2. # Blogger Let's Sexy Fighting

    Hi Keem,

    These guys are from the UK!  

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