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It was quite a treat to spend Halloween night this year with The Pipettes. Who needs candy when you've got sugary lyrics and
infectious hooks from the prettiest girls you've ever met. When we got to the venue, we were expecting more people in the audience, but a couple hundred people seemed justified given that (1) it was Halloween and (2) The Pipettes are just making a splash in the US.

Gwenno, RiotBecki, and Rosay trotted onto the stage at around 10:15. They started things out solidly with one of their new songs, "Dance and Boogie". Sporting their trademark polka dots and spouting their three-part harmonies, how could you not fall in love with them? Their set was filled with clapping, snapping, and synchronized dance moves. It was incredible to see them keep up their energy from start to finish.

They covered just about all the songs from their album and then some. Their backing band The Cassette were tight and held it down for the girls. After 20 songs, there was a brief break before the encore. They came back with "ABC" and "I Like a Boy in Uniform (School Uniform)". Their set was about an hour long, but it didn't feel short at all. We're loving this 60's girl pop revival, and we hope to see The Pipettes again real soon.


Dance and Boogie
Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me
Because It's Not Love (But It's Still a Feeling)
Baby Don't Leave Me
It Hurts to See You Dance So Well
Tell Me What You Want
Guess Who Ran Off With the Milkman?
Your Love For Me
Why Did You Stay?
Don't Forget Me
The Burning Ambition of Early Diuretics
I Love You
True Love Waits Patiently for a Miracle
By My Side
One Night Stand
Dirty Mind
Pull Shapes
We Are the Pipettes


I Like a Boy in Uniform (School Uniform)


"Guess Who Ran Off With The Milkman?"

"Your Love For Me"


"I Love You"


- predatory wasp

The Pipettes - Guess Who Ran Away With The Milkman?

The Pipettes official site
The Pipettes on MySpace

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    oh cool i was at this show! a teeny bit of my head is in the picture. :)  

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