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The Cairo Gang gets their name from a group of British Intelligence agents who were assassinated during the Anglo-Irish War. Despite the violent connotations of the name, The Cairo Gang is quite low-key and understated. Primarily the project of songwriter (and occasional Beth Orton guitarist) Emmett Kelly, they've been described as "picking up smack dab where Elliot Smith left off". Sounds good so far...

When I popped onto their website today I was immediately smitten with "Some Sort Of Sympathy" and its quiet intensity. I hope the boys don't mind, but I've nicked it from their MySpace page. Just to show you, music doesn't have to be loud to be powerful.

The Cairo Gang - Some Sort Of Sympathy

The Cairo Gang on MySpace

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  1. # Blogger a side order of style

    point made, "some sort of sympathy" is a mellow medley that moves. than you for sharing =)

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