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Band Of Horses played SF last night at Mezzanine with Dinosaur Jr., but I was unfortuately a little too braindead after my flight to go to the show! In any case, Cease To Begin will be released October 9 and the band have generously provided the first single, "Is There A Ghost" up for download at their myspace page. Just to fill in the gaps, here's a B-side from their Funeral 7", a brilliant cover of The New Year. Go e-bow!

Band Of Horses - Is There A Ghost
Band Of Horses - The End's Not Near

Band Of Horses official site
Band Of Horses on MySpace

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3 Responses to “CEASE TO BEGIN”

  1. # Blogger Carles

    I'm digging your blog.  

  2. # Blogger Let's Sexy Fighting

    thanks Carles!  

  3. # Blogger Baker

    I love it when he says i can sleep it's just an up lifting moment, the first time i listened i was really felt something. Also the power of the last rift at the end of that track gives it a great pace....also the chorus in the ends not near makes your heart beat that much faster .... thanks for the track  

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