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Myspace apparently yanked the fanpage that was hosting the live version of "Arpeggi" that Pitchfork blogged about earlier. Don't worry though, that version's been floating around for a while and we've got a backup! The electronic version in question is cold, sequenced, and very minimal; in contrast, the rock version develops nicely with breakbeats and emotive backing vocals. The rock version is definitely one of my favorites from the new batch of songs they've been playing live - check the video below for a snippet of the studio version (as well as some other new songs):

Radiohead - Arpeggi (Live, Electronic)
Radiohead - Arpeggi (Live, Rock)

Radiohead official site
Green Plastic fansite

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You have no fucking idea how much I want LP7. Arpeggi is definitely a favorite, but I have recently been listening to the Ether festival version and love it. All I Need is quickly becoming my favorite of the album though battling with Arpeggi and Videotape. I hate hearing that the album won't be out until 2008. ugh...I guess all good things come to those who wait.  

  2. # Blogger Let's Sexy Fighting

    "All I Need" is high up there on my list too. I like the direction they're going from the live recordings I've heard!  

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