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So recently I've been really digging Air France. They're a Swedish duo that makes beach-y, mostly instrumental pop music. Sounds familiar, right? I might like these guys unfairly due to their similarities to Studio...

I digress though, check out "No Way Down" (even though we're still a long way from summer)!

Air France - No Way Down

Air France on MySpace

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Ahh, back from sunny Puerto Vallarta. Back to the winter. The good news, though, is that Say Hi's got a new album coming out March 3rd entitled, Oohs & Aahs! The first song "November Was White, December Was Grey" is a perfect late winter song - moody, but threatening to thaw at any moment...

Say Hi - November Was White, December Was Grey

Say Hi official site
Say Hi on MySpace

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ZOMG, Whitest Boy Alive is back! Their new album, Rules, drops on March 30th.

"Island" is the first cut off the album, and I have to say I'm pretty excited about it. It's sorta like a low key dance remix of a Cure song...It will come in handy this weekend when I'll be on a beach in Mexico!

Whitest Boy Alive - Island

Whitest Boy Alive official site
Whitest Boy Alive on MySpace

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Hey hey kids, M. Ward's got a new album coming out on February 17th entitled, Hold Time! With our first look into the album, seems like we've got a guest appearance from Zooey Deschanel.

For the briefest of moments before the guitar kicks in, anyone else feeling Rock and Roll Part 2? :-)

M. Ward - Never Had Nobody Like You (featuring Zooey Deschanel)

M. Ward official site
M. Ward on MySpace

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The New Year has released a video for "Seven Days And Seven Nights"...except this is an exclusively piano and vocal rendition of the song! As a frequent traveler myself, I can appreciate the feeling they captured here - I call it the "Lost In Translation" moment. It's that moment where you are listening to a dreamy song on your iPod in a foreign city, a million people hurriedly fly by you in a rush to get on with their lives...and you feel kinda lonely.

My most memorable "Lost In Translation" moment? 2005, in Kowloon, Hong Kong while listening to "Lover's Spit" by Broken Social Scene.

The New Year - Seven Days And Seven Nights (Airport)

The New Year official site
The New Year on MySpace

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Great news everybody! Jagjaguwar has released the title track from the upcoming Bon Iver EP, "Blood Bank", due out January 20th. Check it - it's a pretty meditative affair.

Bon Iver - Blood Bank

Bon Iver official site
Bon Iver on MySpace

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I've been totally loving Hot Club De Paris recently. They have some fairly impressive influences like Cap'N Jazz, Don Caballero, and XTC, but have managed to distill them into tight bursts of math pop. Unfortunately, their most recent album isn't available in the States yet, but you can get the first one at iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Hot Club De Paris - Let Go Of Everything

Hot Club De Paris official site
Hot Club De Paris on MySpace

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Happy New Year everyone! We're officially moving into year 3 of this blog. That's some commitment in this day and age, no? Anyway, today I'm extolling the virtues of Knoxville, Tennessee's The Rockwells. "Microkorg" is coming off to me as part Blur, part Get Him Eat Him, and part Buddyrevelles!

The Rockwells - Microkorg

The Rockwells official site
The Rockwells on MySpace

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