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T&T AT STUDIO B (2007)

Happy Halloween! If you need an awesome mix to go with your evening, hit up this mix from Tim Goldsworthy (of DFA) and Tim Sweeney from last year's DFA/Ghostly Halloween Party!


01. Theme From The Exorcist
02. Baby Oliver - Shot Caller
03. Holy Ghost! - Hold On
04. Daft Punk - Da Funk
05. Klaxons - Magick (SMD Mix)
06. 2 Guys On Acid - House Music (All Night Long)
07. Inner City - Good Life
08. M.E. - R+B Drunkie
09. DJ Pierre's Afro Acid Project - Acid Trax (DJ Pierre Green Velvet Afro Acid Mix)
10. Green Velvet - La La Land
11. Aztec Mystic - Jaguar
12. The Juan Maclean - Happy House

T&T - DFA/Ghostly Party 2007

DFA Records official site
Ghostly International official site

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I woke up about an hour early the other day and couldn't get back to sleep because the bassline from the Ssion version of "Credit In The Straight World" was repeating over and over in my head. Your turn!

Ssion - Credit In The Straight World (Young Marble Giants Cover)
Young Marble Giants - Credit In The Straight World

Ssion official site
Ssion on MySpace

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Was just listening to some tunes and this old Silkworm song came up. We miss you, Michael Dahlquist! Stay tuned here for progress on a soon to be released Silkworm documentary.

Silkworm - Wild In My Day

Silkworm official site
Silkworm on MySpace

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Frightened Rabbit released a live album this past Tuesday entitled Liver! Lung! FR! It's a primarily a live, acoustic performance of their previous album, The Midnight Organ Flight. On "Old Old Fashioned" you can really hear the difference between their more subdued studio sound and their urgent live sound!

Frightened Rabbit - Old Old Fashioned (Live) [Insound]

Frightened Rabbit official site
Frightened Rabbit on MySpace

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Well, I suppose covering "Tuff Ghost" in French is a logical step, considering The Unicorns' home town is Montreal. NYC's Nous Non Plus have taken up that charge here, and deliver a fairly straight cover, except for the singing in French part!

Nous Non Plus - "Fantôme Dur (Tuff Ghost)

Nous Non Plus official site
Nous Non Plus on MySpace

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Le Loup is a indie pop / experimental band from DC. They're amongst the first batch of signees to the new Hardly Art label (from Sub Pop founder Jonathan Poneman). What does it sound like? Computers dueling banjos with chanty vocals. Discuss!

Le Loup - We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!

Le Loup official site
Le Loup on MySpace

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Wilderness has a new album, (k)no(w)here, due out on 11/4. The first track, "Strand The Test Of Time" is up for grabs. It's sorta like Joy Division's original "In A Lonely Place" had a baby with Echo and the Bunnymen and The Constantines. Yeah!

Wilderness - Strand The Test Of Time

Wilderness official site
Wilderness at Jagjaguwar

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Mondays are often days where we struggle to get back into the work groove. Let this Fujiya and Miyagi remix of Mercury Rev's "Senses on Fire" help get you back on track! It's sorta got an "Ankle Injuries"-esque vibe to it...

Mercury Rev - Senses On Fire (Fujiya & Miyagi Remix)

Mercury Rev official site
Mercury Rev on MySpace

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It's hard for me to imagine, but it's already October and summer is gone. I guess it's a little harder to tell out here in California! Anyway, I'm writing today to point out a great sunshine-y, noisy song by No Age called "Eraser". For some reason it eluded my playlist for a few months but it won't anymore!

And please check out the rest of the No Age album also...it's got some fantastic dense and chaotic power pop!

No Age - Eraser
No Age - Teen Creeps

No Age official site
No Age on MySpace

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Jordan Geiger of Minus Story has a solo project called Hospital Ships. With it, he explores the more personal side of his songwriting! Check out the quavering vocals on the Flaming Lips-esque "Bitter Radio Single"! Oh, Ramona comes out on October 21st.

Hospital Ships - Bitter Radio Single

Hospital Ships on MySpace

P.S. I love that he self-describes their sound as "bells and shit".

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I'm sick at home today and feeling a bit off...time to take a detour off the beaten path. Today we have the cleverly named girl group, Vancougar, who also happen to be from Vancouver. A little Mates Of State, a little Giant Drag, and a little 60's girl group, these ladies are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Vancougar - Obvious

Vancougar official site
Vancougar on MySpace

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At their Wednesday show at the Fillmore in SF last week, Spoon closed out their second encore with a cover of the Rolling Stones' "Rocks Off". Thanks to the magical power of the internets, I am now able to share that experience with you, except that the recording is from Monday's show!

Spoon - Rocks Off (Rolling Stones Cover)

Spoon official site
Spoon on MySpace

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This week I've been rocking to the sounds of Crystal Antlers from Long Beach, CA. Their music is hard to describe - it's really a mish mosh of many genres but manages to be cohesive as a whole. It's a little garage, a little psych, a lot of reverb! Their debut EP comes out next Tuesday, October 7th.

Crystal Antlers - A Thousand Eyes

Crystal Antlers label site
Crystal Antlers on MySpace

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