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So...Jason Schwartzman. I wasn't a huge fan of Phantom Planet, ubiquitous O.C. theme and all, so I was surprised to find a Coconut Records song catching my ear. It's not super artsy, it's a bit saccharine, but it is very lush. And Schwartzman's singing voice sits somewhere between Rivers Cuomo and Doug Martsch.

Coconut Records - It's Not You It's Me

Coconut Records label site
Coconut Records on MySpace

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It's beautiful outside, it's a 3 day weekend (for most of us...grr), so let's ease out of the week here with a happy tune!

Mark Ronson - Valerie (featuring Amy Winehouse)

Mark Ronson on MySpace
Amy Winehouse on MySpace

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Earlier this month Jagjaguwar released the self-titled debut album of The Lord Dog Bird. We missed it by a couple weeks. Whoops. Anyway, The Lord Dog Bird is the solo project of Colin McCann, guitarist for Wilderness. Having spent some time alone and holed up with his four track, he recorded this album. The result is a beautiful lo-fi collection of experimental and anthemic folk songs.

Colin has a magnetic voice - he sounds like Phil Collins and Win Butler at the same time!

The Lord Dog Bird - The Gift Of Song In The Lion's Den

The Lord Dog Bird label site

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Looks like September 9 is a big day for record releases, between Calexico, The New Year, Mogwai, and now The Broken West. "Auctioneer" finds the guys laying down a ragtime sounding piano part and building off it with their trademark buzzy guitars.

The Broken West - Auctioneer

The Broken West official site
The Broken West on MySpace

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Today I'd like to introduce My Tiger My Timing, an exciting four piece from London. Like their countrymen The Chap and Hot Chip, My Tiger My Timing is helping to usher in a new era of intelligent dance music. What does it sound like? Afrobeat guitars + dub basslines + skittery beats + steel drum keyboards + 4 vocalists. ZOMG!

My Tiger My Timing - This Is Not The Fire

My Tiger My Timing on MySpace

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The New Year has a new album coming out on 9/09. "The Company I Can Get" finds the Kadane brothers and company storming out of the barn sounding a little more optimistic! Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

The New Year - The Company I Can Get

The New Year official site
The New Year on MySpace

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Still on vacation, so I'll be brief here. I'm headed to Seattle tomorrow, home of The Dutchess And The Duke. Boy-girl harmonies, Rolling Stones, light percussion. Check it.

The Dutchess And The Duke - Reservoir Park

The Dutchess And The Duke label site
The Dutchess And The Duke on MySpace

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31Knots is back with a new album, Worried Well, on August 19th. I love the little "Ladies!" breakdown in the middle.

31Knots - Compass Commands

31Knots official site
31Knots on MySpace

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Well, this one flew a little under the radar - Johnny Foreigner's debut album, Waited Up 'Til It Was Light, is out now digitally! It's a little spastic, a little busy, but it's also more than a little brilliant. Check a newly recorded version of "Our Bi-Polar Friends" and pick up the album on iTunes, eMusic, or Amazon.

Johnny Foreigner - Our Bi-Polar Friends

Johnny Foreigner on MySpace

P.S. I'll be out the next week on a well deserved vacation, so the posts might be a little sporadic.

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Jay Reatard is a new addition to the Matador roster. Although veering a little close to the teen power pop sound at times, his music is charming and evokes thoughts of new wave and garage punk. Also, he's got a great a lo-fi aesthetic!

Jay Reatard - See-Saw

Jay Reatard at Matador Records
Jay Reatard on MySpace

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Man, I am pretty pissy today. Must have a slight hangover from the weekend. In any case, I am enjoying the dreamy bedroom pop of Peace In Our Time, a one man folk-tronica act from Sweden. If you like it, head over to the official website and check out some more tracks!

Peace In Our Time - Desperate For Something To Say

Peace In Our Time official site
Peace In Our Time

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The Walkmen released a new album, You & Me this past tuesday. You can get it for only $5 at Amie Street. What does it sound like, may you ask? It sounds like Hamilton Leithauser belting his lungs out!

The Walkmen - In The New Year [Daily Rind]

The Walkmen official site
The Walkmen on MySpace

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