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Takka Takka's got a new album out today entitled Migration. Take a listen to the shimmering guitars on album opener, "Everybody Says"!

Takka Takka - Everybody Say

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After "Pulling Our Weight" was featured in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, game hunting was never quite the same. I'm glad to report The Radio Dept. are back with a new EP, the Freddie And The Trojan Horse. The title track finds the boys continuing their strong track record of dreamy, hazy pop.

The Radio Dept. - Freddie And The Trojan Horse

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Calexico has an upcoming album, Carried To Dust, due on September 9th. On it, they continue the path set by 2006's Garden Ruin with more emphasis on guitar and less on horns. Check out the trill-iant guitars on the chorus of "Two Silver Trees"!

Calexio - Two Silver Trees

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I'm packing and moving house right now, so excuse the mess. You know what makes good moving/work music? This chilled out remix of Foals' "Olympic Airways"!

Foals - Olympic Airways (Wudwerd Vox Remix)

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I'm a little jetlagged today, just got back after a long flight, so excuse the lack of flow in this post! Check out Sybris, a 4 piece indie rock/shoegaze band from Chicago. They've recently released a cd on Absolutely Kosher involving lots of melodic guitarwork and fast strumming.

Ok, I need to take a nap.

Sybris - Oh Man!

Sybris official site
Sybris on MySpace

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Hey guys, gotta be quick this morning - still on my business trip. Check out The Cloud Room's cover of New Order's immortal "Blue Monday"! It's very Echo & The Bunnymen-ish to me.

The Cloud Room - Blue Monday (New Order Cover)

The Cloud Room official site
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Lackthereof is the side project of Danny Seim of Menomena. After staying local for several years, they've signed to Barsuk and are releasing a new album! Your Anchor is due out July 22nd and finds them exploring more fleshed out arrangements.

Lackthereof - Last November

Lackthereof official site
Lackthereof on MySpace

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Rahim's got a new record coming out on September 9th entitled Laughter. "Through A Window" gives us our first taste of the new lineup with multi-instrumentalist Christian Little on horn duty!

Rahim - Through A Window

Rahim official site
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I'm usually a little wary of things that get too much hype out of the gate, so I've taken my time to investigate Fleet Foxes. The good news is that they stand up to closer inspection! Fleet Foxes play baroque pop mixed with classic folk and the more experimental folk that's been floating around recently. It's fairly soothing and if not for being 40 years too late, would fit perfectly in a Wes Anderson movie.

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

Fleet Foxes at Sub Pop
Fleet Foxes on MySpace

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Ladyhawke is from New Zealand and tearing up the charts in the UK. She's got a Joan Jett -Tracy And The Plastics - Feist vibe to her. Aside from the proper album stuff, she has an impressive cast of remixers including Peaches, Cut Copy, and Van She. Check out "Professional Suicide" and the Cut Copy remix of "Paris Is Burning" below!

Ladyhawke - Professional Suicide
Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)

Ladyhawke official site
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My girlfriend says recently I've been listening to a lot more electronic music and hip hop than straight up indie rock. So, today I'm going to talk about Bottomless Pit, the project of ex-Silkworm members Tim Midgett and Andy Cohen. Forging ahead after the tragic death of Michael Dahlquist, the remaining members have pushed ahead with some new recruits and songs resulting from a life changing event. This is real indie rock my friends - muscular and taut.

Bottomless Pit - The Cardinal Movements

Bottomless Pit official site
Bottomless Pit on MySpace

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Phoenix has a new studio album in the works, in the time being they've released a song from their recording sessions entitled "Twenty-One One Zero" as part of the Cartier Love charity compilation. It's mainly instrumental unless you count the softly uttered song title at the end. Interestingly, it brings to mind Interpol's "Direction" as that song also meanders instrumentally and ends with the repetition of the song title.

Phoenix - Twenty-One One Zero

Phoenix official site
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