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Well, we love our remixes over here at LSF, and I'm happy to report the Junior Boys are dropping a remix EP entitled The Dead Horse EP featuring remixes by Carl Craig, Kode9, Marsen Jules, Tensnake, and Hot Chip. The 5 song EP drops 4/10! Here's a peek.

Hot Chip remixing Junior Boys is like getting two hot chicks to kiss.

Junior Boys - In The Morning (Hot Chip Remix)

Junior Boys official site
Junior Boys on MySpace

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Hey hey, everyone's favorite 45 minute jogging music makers, LCD Soundsystem, is back with their new album Sound Of Silver on 3/20! "North American Scum" is their lead single off the album. Music video after the jump!

I dunno about you guys, but I got my dancing shoes on.

LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum

LCD Soundsystem official site
LCD Soundsystem on MySpace

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Huzzah! We got some new Twilight Sad! The album doesn't drop until 4/23, unfortunately.

The Twilight Sad - Cold Days From the Birdhouse

The Twilight Sad official site
The Twilight Sad on MySpace

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So I purchased a lovely copy of The Bird And The Bee's debut cd, only to find that I was unable to rip it to mp3s so that I could listen to it on my iPod. EMI, why are you doing this? You know people don't walk around with CD players anymore, right? Especially the target demographic for the bands on your BlueNote label. I don't want to buy a digital copy from the iTunes store on top of the cd I've already purchased. Otherwise, how can I listen to this on my iPod?

Anyone have any suggestions?

In other news, we have a new track from one of LSF's honorable mention EP artists, The Morning Benders. Churning up a new EP to be released soon...

The Morning Benders - Damnit Anna

The Morning Benders official site
The Morning Benders on MySpace

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In honor of the Grizzly Bear show tonight at Great American Music Hall in SF, here's a couple of remixes of songs from their first album, Horn Of Plenty. We have a Dntel (Jimmy Tamborello of Postal Service fame) remix and a Final Fantasy treatment.

Tickets are sold out online, but still available at the door!

Grizzly Bear - Merge (Dntel Remix)
Grizzly Bear - Don't Ask (Final Fantasy Remix)

Grizzly Bear official site
Grizzly Bear on MySpace

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LSF's top EP and top single of last year belonged to the Klaxons. Well, I'm happy to report their follow up full length is available in the US! Looks like it's cropped up on iTunes first, with a hard copy to follow at a later date...

Klaxons - Forgotten Works

Klaxons official site
Klaxons on MySpace

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The Blow is a 2 piece electronic duo from Portland. No-wave and glitch-hop, club anthems and doo-wop mix with precise words and insistent vocals. One might draw comparisons to a more polished Tracy And The Plastics, or a Peaches-fronted Postal Service. Interestingly for a K records band, they place a lot of importance on grand pop music production, drawing from the Pharell Williams and Phil Spector schools of thought. Check it.

The Blow - Pile Of Gold
The Blow - Hock It (YACHT Remix)

The Blow official site
The Blow on MySpace

Secret mission is going well, normal posts will resume this weekend!

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Hey guys, just got into my mysterious overseas location. I've got to crash and catch some ground transportation tomorrow as I head on my secret mission. This Bloc Party b-side from their new release A Weekend In The City is the perfect song for driving through a futuristic cityscape at night - it's claustrophobic and paranoid.

Bloc Party - Version 2.0

Bloc Party official site
Bloc Party on MySpace

UPDATE: Sorry for the broken link, it's fixed now.

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Melbourne, Australia's Cut Copy is back! After last year's (in the US) breakout album, Bright Like Neon Love, they're back to whet our appetites with new single "Hearts On Fire". Those unfamiliar with the group will get a quick primer: indie dance with influences like Fleetwood Mac, New Order, and ELO.

"Hearts On Fire" is a phenomenal track. Moody, sexy, and oozing with cool, it's instantly familiar but with character of its own. When's the album dropping, boys?

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire
Cut Copy - Time Stands Still

Cut Copy official site
Cut Copy on MySpace

In other news, I'll be AWOL on international travel for the next week, so there might be slightly less updates. I'll keep you appraised of whether this needs to be elevated to code Orange.

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So of the many interesting releases today, we also have The Postmarks' self titled album. Unfamiliar with them? They play beautiful and lush indie-twee pop. Fans of Camera Obscura or The Brunettes will be pleased. They self-describe their influences as "Francoise Hardy, The Smiths, John Barry, Ennio Morricone, Henry Mancini, Burt Bacharach". Do I need to say anymore?

"Goodbye" recalls french pop from the 70's with a strong nod to the orchestral arrangements of Brian Wilson. It's the perfect song to contemplate both sides of a heartbreak. Pick it up today from your local brick and mortar or iTunes.

The Postmarks - Goodbye
The Postmarks - You Drift Away

The Postmarks official site
The Postmarks on MySpace

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You know how much of a fan we are here of the remixes of MSTRKRFT. So when I saw this commercial on the teevee the other day, I was pleasantly amused. Mainly due to the fact they removed the vocals, "sexy woman take me to your bedroom, let me show you how I" and only left in "work, work, work". Smartphones + work = yay! Smartphones plus sexytime = nay?

Also of note is that one half of Death From Above is one half of MSTRKRFT, this is like some jackass book author winning the oscar for best adapted screenplay for his book. Of course you're going to adapt it the best! It's your story!!!

I don't know where that came from. Not a knock on DFA1979/MSTRKRFT. Love those guys!

Death From Above 1979 - Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT Edition)

Death From Above 1979 official site
Death From Above on MySpace

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Ah, the magical internets. Bringing us new blues indie rock. Amen.

Because Of The Times drops April 3rd.

Kings Of Leon - On Call

Kings Of Leon official site
Kings Of Leon on MySpace

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Shooting back a couple weeks, Of Montreal recently dropped their latest album, Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? Going further down their path of late, the album finds itself in synth-glam-disco land while retaining the unique quirks of a member of the Elephant Six collective.

Watch this weekend as they play 4 sold out shows in San Francisco, starting tonight at Bottom Of The Hill, and Friday through Sunday at Great American Music Hall. Super Bowl? Kevin Barnes? Both?

Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse
Of Montreal - Suffer For Fashion

Of Montreal official site
Of Montreal on MySpace

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